1. vulcano handjob from my love

  2.  I will always remember you this way:  Walking nude towards me…

    So long love, so long tumblr…

  3. A tribute to my girl. I will come back, love.


  4. Walden

    I need to make changes in my life. So in next months I’ll have no internet contact and this photosex blog is going to be still . Here remains all the images of sexual beauty I have found in the net and some few create by myself .Good luck to everybody, enjoy life and relationships.

  5. a classic from tumblr

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  6. my favourite stockings

  7. I don´t refuse an invitation to watch to my friend´s performance. … She knows I am falling in love with her. But right now I am only allowed to take photos….

  8. The other day I met a college partner from my teens in Madrid (Spain). She asked me if I mind to modelling for her. She is now an amateur painter. I said yes. But when I sat in the chair in her studio, she said : ” Uh, no. I am not interested in you, only in a part of your body  that I remember quite interesting”. When I saw the first painting I asked for other point of view. No way : Only a different approach of the same perspective.

    Now I understand when women complain about feeling like an objet at men´s eyes… I feel understimated…

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  10. The Land of the Lord